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Version Differences

Player: Comes with SynthMaster Player v2.8 that includes 1250 factory presets only.

Factory: Comes with SynthMaster v2.8 that includes 1250 factory presets

Academic: Same as 'Factory', but at a lower price for students! Proof of identity must be sent to academic@kv331audio.com after the purchase is made on this page.

Standard Bundle: Includes SynthMaster Factory and 150 expansion presets of user's choice at discounted bundle price.

Everything Bundle: Includes SynthMaster Factory and all current 1750 expansion presets at discounted bundle price (Compared to purchasing all preset banks and SynthMaster Factory separately, the bundle is 35% cheaper)

Everything Upgrade: Registered users can purchase this upgrade to receive all current 1750 expansion presets at discounted bundle price (Compared to purchasing all preset banks separately, the bundle is 40% cheaper). It does NOT include a license for SynthMaster


Armin van Buuren: "I love the synthmaster and I've been using it in all my recent productions. I really love the cool way of editing and especially love the FM sound. Essential for my set up!"

Martin Garrix: "You guys are gonna love my new single! Used synthmaster a lot f***ing love it"

Zedd: "Synthmaster gives me instant inspiration and creativity. The sound engine behind the synth is brilliant and the presets offer me excellent options to start my productions. The modulation and sound design capabilities are endless and I can easily shape any sound into something that works perfectly"

Axwell: "Love SynthMaster's sounds and the fact that they are already treated and not dry"

Martin Solveig: "Since Synthmaster, I can't think of a session without using it"

Dj Roger Sanchez: "SynthMaster is my go-to vst plug in for my productions. I love the user friendliness of it and the wide range of sounds that are constantly updated, especially the bass patches! This is the plug in I can't do without!"

Beduk: "The heart of my productions. the one soft synth that solves almost everything. The sound structure of synthmaster 2,5 is so huge that people always ask about my hardware synths. And I have none!"


MusicRadar: "Many developers say that they've produced the one and only synth you'll ever need, but we've always felt that was a dubious claim. In SynthMaster 2.5’s case, though, it’s one that rings true."

Keyboard Magazine: "SynthMaster: The most powerful softsynth you may not have heard of"

Computer Music Magazine: "If ever there was a desert island synth, SynthMaster is it, covering all sonic bases with authority and a superb tone"

Computer Music Magazine: "This could be the only synthesizer you ever owned, and you'd still never run short of ideas"

Future Music Magazine: "If you are looking for the Swiss Army knife of synth plug-ins -a single piece of software which can turn its hand to anything- then SynthMaster is a great choice"

DJ Magazine: "For under £100, this is a lot of synth for very little money and the Synthmaster easily holds its own against more expensive softsynths"

Refund Policy

If the SynthMaster, SynthMaster Player or any of our preset expansion banks fail to work on your system, please contact us. We will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible. As stated in our license agreement, if we can not resolve the issue in 7 (seven) business days, we will refund your purchase amount back.

We would highly encourage our potential buyers to try out SynthMaster DEMO or SynthMaster Player FREE and also listen to the audio demos of our preset banks before making their final purchasing decision.

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During this period, our prices are reduced as follows:

SynthMaster Player 50% OFF: $14
SynthMaster Academic 35% OFF: $38
SynthMaster Factory 35% OFF: $64
SynthMaster Standard 35% OFF: $84
SynthMaster Everything Bundle 40% OFF: $227
SynthMaster Everything Bundle Upgrade 40% OFF: $167

The prices on this page are already discounted prices!

 Product Name  Price  Add to Cart?

SynthMaster Player v2.8 VST/AU/AAX Software Synthesizer

SynthMaster v2.8 VST/AU/AAX Software Synthesizer



 Product Name  Price  Add to Cart?
 Michael Kastrup Expansion 2(50 presets)

 BigTone Analog Basics(50 presets)

 Aiyn Zahev Expansion 1(50 presets)

 Aiyn Zahev Expansion 2(50 presets)

 BigTone Signature Sounds Volume 1(50 presets)

 BigTone Techno Bits 01(50 presets)

 Ufuk Kevser's EDM Stars Volume 1(50 presets)

 Ufuk Kevser's EDM Stars Volume 2(50 presets)

 SythMaster Club Sequences Volume 1(50 presets)

 Insigna Essentials 4 Clubbin(150 presets)

 Danyella EDM Expansion Volume 1(50 presets)

 Nori Ubukata Pop Hits Volume 4(75 presets)

 Dawn of Electronic Music Volume 3(100 presets)

 Nori Ubukata Pop Hits Volume 3(50 presets)

 Rob Lee EDM Expansion Pack 5(50 presets)

 Dawn of Electronic Music Volume 2(50 presets)

 Nori Ubukata Pop Hits Volume 2(50 presets)

 Dawn of Electronic Music Volume 1(50 presets)

 Nori Ubukata Art Rock Basics(50 presets)

 Nori Ubukata Historic Synth Giants Volume 4(50 presets)

 Nori Ubukata Sounds of the World(50 presets)

 Nori Ubukata Historic Synth Giants Volume 3(50 presets)

 Nori Ubukata Historic Synth Giants Volume 2(50 presets)

 Nori Ubukata Historic Synth Giants Volume 1(50 presets)

 Nori Ubukata Pop Hits Volume 1(50 presets)

 Rob Lee EDM Expansion Pack 4(100 presets)

 Rob Lee EDM Expansion Pack 3(100 presets)

 Rob Lee EDM Expansion Pack 2(100 presets)

 Rob Lee EDM Expansion Pack 1(100 presets)


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